Hi! I’m Shari!

Photo by Danielle Acken

I’m a photographer

My work is about reminding you of all the love in your life — your family, your significant other, and even yourself. Even when life isn’t Pinterest perfect.

I do not believe the words “I am not photogenic”.

Photographs do not need to be a judgement on anyone and a photography session does not need to be painful.

Are you looking for the following? 

  • photos that make you say “that is so us!”
  • a photography session that doesn’t make your spouse say “is it over yet?” (I’m looking at you dad!)
  • no stress of having the perfect matching clothing or perfectly behaved children
  • photos that celebrate your relationships
  • documenting THIS time in your life (those heady days of the newly engaged, the excitement of starting married life, or the long days and short years of raising children).

About Me

  • I went to photography school, studied 10 different genres, then took years teaching myself to stop copying others and find my OWN style.
  • I got married in front of 11 people plus 4 on Skype in a green cocktail dress with a man of honour and a best woman as attendants. I love small weddings and I don’t believe you have to follow tradition if it doesn’t speak to you.
  • I spent 3 years in Japan teaching children English. I have taught over 1000 children (aged between 2.5 – 15 years) and anyone who says Japanese children are better behaved than Canadian children clearly has never been to Japan. Nothing your child (or groomsman) will do, can shock me!
  • I’m a terrible cook (getting better), avid Netflix and Pinterest user and a dancer with the worst case of nerves. I have three fur babies and a huge collection of essential oils (I justify this by reminding myself that I have limited myself to 4 camera lenses).

I want to photograph you and your beautiful, love-filled life.

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