8 Ways to Make Your Wedding Fun

Sure, there are tons of ways to add fun things to your wedding. In fact, I know Pinterest is full of them! But here are some of my thoughts on how to make your wedding more fun.

  1. Leave your Expectations behind
    Plan the heck out of your wedding, to every last detail if you wish. But on the day of, forget everything going to plan. Because it most likely won’t. And if you don’t stress about the day being perfect, you will be less stressed. Less stress = more fun.
  2. Invite who you want
    Don’t feel the pressure to invite everyone that people close to you think “have to come”. This is your day. Those people that you barely know will not make the day funner for you. What they will do is add extra money to your budget. Come on… invite your closest friends with who you can party the night away. Invite your closest family. Invite people who will help make your wedding fun for you, not those that are really just coming for a free meal.
  3. Don’t do stiff posed portraits
    k. I take that back. Do one stiff posed portrait. Your mom will expect it. But find a photographer whose style you like, and have a super fun photoshoot.
    Groom giving his bride the finger
  4. Laugh it off
    Weird things are going to happen on your wedding day. Don’t take them too seriously, and you will enjoy your day. Groomsmen falls in the ocean because he’s drunk and posing on a rock. Hilarious!
    Groomsmen falls in ocean (1 of 1)
  5. Eat
    No one wants you to be hangry. Eat. Trust me… everything will seem better once you have food in your tummy.
  6. Rock it out on the dance floor – even if no one else is dancing
    If you like to dance, first off, invite people who will dance with you. And if you don’t have any of those, get up and dance anyways.Fun wedding couple (2 of 3)
  7. Be Yourselves
    You don’t need to have a storybook Pinterest wedding, unless that is really you (hey, I love me some Pinterest, no judgment here). But, if you are geeky, rock it out. Foodie? Have the best food possible! Hippie? Princess? Cosplayer? Flip-flop aficionado? Be yourself, and your wedding will be the funnest ever!
  8. Enjoy every moment
    The day will be magical. And fun!
    Groomsmen having fun (1 of 1)

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