Hi! I’m Shari!

Photo by Danielle Acken

A dancing photographer in action

I’m a photographer.

My work is about reminding you of all the love in your life — your family, your significant other, and even yourself. Even when life isn’t Pinterest perfect. 

Because I believe in matching hearts, not matching socks.

I do not believe the words “I am not photogenic”.

 I am here for you. I will guide you through relaxed poses that highlight you, your spouse or your family and will catch those in between moments that show real life. I am patient, waiting for the perfect moment to preserve. I have been known to scale fences and I rarely leave a photography session without laying in the dirt in the quest for photographs that you will treasure for years.

I want to photograph you and your beautiful, love-filled life.


  • I have studied photography in 10 different genres from some of the best in the business.
  • I spent 3 years in Japan teaching children English. I have taught over 1000 children. And anyone who says Japanese children are better behaved than Canadian children clearly has never been there. Nothing your child (or groomsmen) will do can shock me!
  • I am addicted to Pinterest. Someone help me! (You can see my boards at www.pinterest.com/shari_nakagawa ).
  • I met my husband on Eharmony. We got married in December 2013. Our children are a Ridgeback/Lab cross Princess and a Tabby Sassypants.
  • I love me some dance classes. Performing scares the bee-jeezus out of me and I force myself on stage everytime. But when the lights hit me, I am truly in the moment. Just like when I am behind the camera.

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