Small backyard wedding in Shawnigan Lake BC

I was thrilled when Shanon and Diana asked me to photograph their small backyard wedding at their house in Shawnigan Lake. Shawnigan is gorgeous and I ADORE backyard weddings. Less than thirty guests?? Fantastic. If big weddings and parties are your thing, then go for it, but if you just want to get married in front of your closest friends and family, then that is what you should do. Absolutely. (I did).


The got their guests to sign the sign. So cute!

Yup, this is their deck. Kind of amazing.

Their granddaughter. She did so well through the ceremony but was done by the time it was portrait time. Don’t force toddlers to do pictures– it never ends up well.

Diana, you are so gorgeous.

So excited!

She was nervous before going down to the ceremony but you wouldn’t know if from the look on her face.

A photobomb by the marriage commissioner.


We did their couples portraits at the West Shawnigan Lake Provincial Park. Good choice.

Love me a dipping photo.

I’m not sure why but the above photo is my favourite. I love the way the dress seems to be alive.

Shawnigan Lake!

The following photos are the prep work. Shanon wanted a photo on this fallen down log and his obliging bride decided to go for it. But first her shoes had to come off, and then her daughter had to help her with her dress while climbing said logs.

But all that was for the following photos!


The following is why it pays to have a photographer after the ceremony. These two photos are part of a series of mishaps with the corks. One bounced of the groom’s face! Ha!


Are you having a small backyard wedding on Vancouver Island? If so, I would love to photograph it for you. Hit the contact me tab above and shoot me an email.

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