Me in Action – Victoria BC Wedding Photographer

I’m a lone wolf of a photographer…no second shooter currently.

But sometimes I take an assistant. Who keeps my head on straight and makes sure I drink water at a wedding. Because otherwise I wouldn’t. You see, when I don’t take an assistant, I might leave one of my cameras on a table at a venue an hour away from me. Not that that has happened… *ahem*

The nice thing, sometimes my assistants take pictures. And sometimes they take pictures of me in action! I didn’t even know these photos existed until I loaded them on my computer.

Thanks guys!

Tofino Wedding Photographer (1 of 1)-2

Photo Credit: Mariam Ordubadi

Tofino Wedding Photographer (1 of 1)-3

Photo Credit: Mariam Ordubadi


Photo Credit: Will Reiher


Photo Credit: Will Reiher

The one thing you might notice about these photos is I, unlike most photographers, shoot with my left eye. My teacher at Photo School suggested shooting with that eye, as it is connected to the right side of your brain – the side of creativity. So I tried it. Not sure if it made a difference to my creativity, but I’m so used to it that I can’t go back.

Plus my eye doctor says I have a astigmatism in my right eye… so it all worked out in the end.

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