LGBTQ Elopement on Island View Beach

J and S contacted me from Ottawa to shoot their lovely wedding on Island View beach, with just their son and their parents/siblings. It was so lovely and intimate. My favourite officiant – Barbra Densmore ( oversaw this joyous affair. J and S asked me not to show their son in the pictures, and he was in most of them as the ceremony was between the three of them. But here are my favourites without the little man (or just the back of his head).

Island View Beach is stunning.

They had a lovely ceremony where they washed each others hands.

I love when the faces at your wedding are the ones that love you the best.

Blessing the rings.

This mom made me tear up.


I loved taking part in this wedding. This wedding was so very them and I love that.


Are you eloping in Victoria. I love capturing these types of weddings. Send me an email and let’s make it happen.

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