Fun, intimate wedding at Morningside Estate, Malahat BC

Jen and Mitchell got married on a rainy day at the fabulous Morningside Estate in Malahat, BC. With just a handful of guests, the atmosphere was fun and relaxed. Exactly my favourite type of wedding. There is something so joyous when you don’t have a huge number of people to entertain or visit with and can just settle into having a good time with your nearest and dearest. There was so much laughter at this wedding.



Beautiful bouquets.

morningside_resort_wedding-2 morningside_resort_wedding-3 morningside_resort_wedding-4 morningside_resort_wedding-5 morningside_resort_wedding-6

I’m a big fan of flip flops for brides. You are more comfortable and can move around.

morningside_resort_wedding-7 morningside_resort_wedding-8

I didn’t notice until editing these photos that the maid of honour’s tattoos were of XO. <3

morningside_resort_wedding-9 morningside_resort_wedding-10

Dealing with nerves.


I told you there was laughter.

morningside_resort_wedding-12 morningside_resort_wedding-13

Mitch told me that dogs are family. And I believe him. The dogs were completely part of this wedding.

morningside_resort_wedding-14 morningside_resort_wedding-15 morningside_resort_wedding-16


morningside_resort_wedding-17 morningside_resort_wedding-18

Apparently it takes 3 people to put a tutu on a pit bull.

morningside_resort_wedding-19 morningside_resort_wedding-20


So scary… gonna lick his face off.


Love these two. So much fun.


I told you Morningside Estate is gorgeous. Where can you get such a beautiful, pristine view.

morningside_resort_wedding-24 morningside_resort_wedding-25 morningside_resort_wedding-26

Photobombed by a pittie.

morningside_resort_wedding-27 morningside_resort_wedding-28 morningside_resort_wedding-29 morningside_resort_wedding-30 morningside_resort_wedding-31 morningside_resort_wedding-32

On your wedding day, you should always be surrounded by friends that make you laugh like this.


Mom and dad got married!


You know where this dog’s heart lies.


Jen is so stunning. Her maid of honour kept saying “isn’t she flawless?” I have to agree.

morningside_resort_wedding-36 morningside_resort_wedding-37 morningside_resort_wedding-38

These are my favourite type of photos. Unplanned, spontaneous moments.

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