Documentary Family Photos at Butterfly World Victoria

I love this family. And I love that they don’t expect me to take posed, smile at the camera photos. They just want nice photos of their kids being themselves. So when they decided on Butterfly World as the location for their photos, I was sssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo in. This is these kids. How they really are, now.

You can get smiley photos of this little man, if you can catch him during a run.

Or a climb.

And life isn’t all smiles. Why not document it all? Because if I hadn’t, I would have missed these soulful eyes.

Sometimes mom is a jungle gym.

And sometimes you use dad too and make it a battle.


I don’t think he even noticed the parrot next to him.

Butterflies having lunch.

Mom and dad wanted a photo of all of them together. So, I snuck around the corner and took this.

Checking out flamengos.


A moment with mom.

I really like this photo. Part of the family but learning independence.

And this one. A portrait of wonder.

And because I can’t help it — a couple of photos of the gorgeous scenery.

This is a hour documentary portrait session and will be part of my new offerings this year. Because moments are important. And existing in photos with your kids will be something they treasure.

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