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I have been photographing Robyn and Travis for as long as I have been a photographer. So I was thrilled when they announced a second boy to their family.

I love taking newborn pictures in the house. Mom and dad don’t need to go anywhere (and who wants to with a newborn), older siblings are more relaxed in their home setting and you can include pets! It’s a win/win. I also don’t pose newborns. I find nice light, set them on their back, side or tummy and wait for them to give me some magic 🙂


Toddler running through home

Big brother was super excited to have me there. So excited he ran around the house several times. Luckily the ottoman was there to put on the breaks.

Newborn getting a bottle

I love the milk dripping out the sides.

Toddler standing in kitchen

Taking a break from running.

Big brother hugging newborn

After the running, he was good to have some pictures with baby brother. I think the key to toddler older siblings, is to get them excited to be in the photos. Set up something simple. Take the pictures quickly and then let them go on their way. Seriously. Trying to take endless posed pictures with a toddler is painful for everyone involved.

Newborn looking at camera

Look at this cute peanut.

Newborn touching ear

I call this one “Baseball Coach”. Look at him calling the play by touching his ear.

Newborn touching mouth

Contemplating life.

Newborn toes

Love some baby toes.

Crying newborn

Sure, content babies are cute, but this is also reality. Document it ALL!

Big brother kitty

Poor Lemur (the cat). Now there are TWO of them in the house.

Newborn fingers

Baby fingers.

Newborn fight the power

Fight the power! I always seem to get photograph babies fighting the power. I’m not sure if that says something about the babies, or about me?! What do you think?

Cute newborn

This one my favourite from the session.

Newborn says don't take my picture

It’s tough being cute.

Who me? Moody newborn portrait Newborn sticking out tongue

Hahahahahaha! This one cracked me up. I forgot about it when I got home from photographing, and when I opened it up, hahahahah.

Sleeping newobrn

This is the only truly sleeping photo I could get. Babies will not sleep around me.

Newborn snuggling mom

Snuggling up to mom.

newborn snuggling up to mom

Pretty in love with mom.

Newborn looking at dad

Dad ain’t half bad either.


Having a baby and want to document all the newness in your family? Shoot me an email. In home, lifestyle or documentary photography, means no stress for you. I come and hang out and photograph at the baby’s pace, not mine.

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