Little girl concentrating on her book

Adorable Family in Oak Bay | At Home Documentary Photography

I was excited to head back to this family’s house to photograph their kids again. So cute. So fun.

Boy climbing on furniture

This guy was just a baby last time I was here. He’s getting big — and strong.

Boy climbing on furniture smiling at camera

Look at that smile.

Up close of 4 year old girl

A is not afraid of the camera. lol.

Toddler climbing on coffee table

I love catching kids doing things they aren’t supposed to. Look at mom noticing from the corner.

Siblings playing with small toy Boy looking out the window with tongue out

Mom was trying to find a costume for her daughter. But I saw what James was doing. You can’t really tell, but he was licking the window.

Toddler laughing near window Brothers climbing on sister's bed while dad looks on

Jumping on the bed. Not their bed.

Little girl dressed as Wonder Woman does a spin

Look at the Wonder Woman costume! I died.

Little girl playing with doll

I love this one.

Boy standing near window

Ryan finally warmed up to me. Sometimes kids don’t want their photos done. But if you leave them alone with me, they warm up.

Boy jumping from window

It doesn’t hurt when I will take pictures of them jumping over and over again.

Boy leaping onto bed


Toddler showing a book Toddler hiding his face with a book

I love how much kids love books.

Toddler looking at a book on the couch Little girl concentrating on her book

Even when they have such a serious face when enjoying.

Story time on girls bed while younger brother climbs

This picture cracks me up. You can climb and enjoy a book at the same time.

Hugs for daddy from little girl Family watches as a mini iron man climbs stairs

And all of a sudden there was Iron Man.

Family descending the stairs

I love this one. One day they won’t be so little and you won’t remember the feeling of them following you down the stairs.

Boy holds lollipop while sister licks

Sharing is caring.

toddler with a lollipop

One cherub look and one… ummmm…

boy photobombing family photo with lollipop


boy with lollipop

Ryan asked me to take this one.

boy hanging out in stairwell


Love taking pictures of this family!!!

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